For March 15 and March 22, rather than holding an in-person Sunday worship service, we will live stream the Holy Eucharist with music and sermon at 10:45 am.  The link below will take you to ECA’s Facebook page, where you will find the service if you scroll down.  When the service is over, it will be saved on that page – so you may view it at a different time if you wish. You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch this. We will re-evaluate face to face worship on March 25.  Let’s hold each other close while it is wisest for us to be physically separated.  God’s peace be with you. 

Here you will find a community of joyful and generous hearts, an extended family of people of all ages and walks of life – all of us seeking and searching after God together. Every week we gather, in worship and out of it, to break bread, to explore God’s Word through scripture, to share stories of God in our lives and to be Jesus’ people in the world. Come join us on our journey!

We hope this website tells you something about us and our path. But the best way to find out more is to come and see. Join us for worship or for any of the other activities and ministries listed here – or contact us to ask questions. We look forward to meeting you along our shared path.

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