About Us


Who We Are

We are a small, friendly Christian church and a member of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA). The Episcopal Church is rooted in the tradition of the Church of England. We trace our history back to the Apostles. We are also a part of the Anglican Communion, a group of more than 85 million Christians in over 160 countries worldwide. Here in San Jose we share facilities with the Congregational Church of Almaden Valley United Church of Christ. We work with our sister church in witness to the unity of the Gospel through a joint Sunday School and Youth Group.

Our Mission

We are joyful followers of Jesus Christ, serving God and community through the church and in our individual lives.  We help each other on our spiritual journeys, striving to nurture and grow a strong faith community where each member feels welcomed, loved, valued and empowered to serve.


Our Vision

ECA proclaims God’s love for the world through evangelism, worship, forgiveness and reconciliation, inclusiveness, spiritual formation, outreach and hospitality.




What We Believe

We believe God created the world and everything in it. We believe that God’s creation was and is good. We believe we are created in the image of God and are called to live our lives in relationship with God and in love and concern for others. We believe that in the fullness of time God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, who through his death and resurrection freed us from sin and death and enabled us to live our lives fully, freely and completely. We believe that to live this way is a difficult task which not only demands our best but also requires both God’s love and the love and support of others.


What We Do

We gather every Sunday as a community to worship and celebrate the great gifts God has freely given to us. We pray, read the Bible and learn to love and support one another. Children are especially welcomed and cherished as an important part of God’s family. Our church celebrates in other ways, too, through fellowship events such as dinners, picnics, barbecues and other activities. We strive to be the people God created us to be.