Like all Episcopal churches ECA is led by a board of volunteers called the vestry. Vestry members are lay people who serve a term of three years. Elections are held each year at the church’s annual meeting. Vestry meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month and are open to any interested member.

Annual Reporting

At closure of each year, the vestry creates the ECA Annual Report, in which the year’s activities, events, and finances are presented to its membership.

Joint Venture Churches

ECA is committed to a successful Joint Venture with the Congregational Church of Almaden Valley, United Church of Christ (CCAVUCC). The Joint Venture Churches of Almaden, Inc. (JV) incorporated in 1969 to own the church building and land together. The Joint Venture also encompasses Sunday school, youth programs, special outreach projects, capital improvement, maintenance workdays and joint services. We are an ecumenical community that loves, supports and prays for one another.

Joint Venture is managed by the Joint Venture Board, which meets monthly. The board is composed of each church’s pastor and twelve lay members, six from each church. Each congregation provides half the funding needed for Joint Venture’s operation. We share our administrative assistant, Christian education director, music director, bell choir director and janitorial service. Both pastors take a leadership role in Joint Venture and provide spiritual guidance to the board. The relationship between the two pastors is vitally important to the life of both congregations.

The JV Board manages the children’s Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and various adult education programs with the assistance of volunteers from both congregations. We also have two enthusiastic youth groups, junior high (grades 6-8) and senior high (grades 9-12). These programs give our youth opportunities to serve the community, experience fellowship and explore their common faith.

Over the years Joint Venture has functioned very well. The deep friendships that flow between our congregations are God’s blessing on our endeavor.

Our Diocese

The Episcopal Church in Almaden is part of the Diocese of El Camino Real. Our diocese encompasses most of coastal central California from Palo Alto to Arroyo Grande, south of San Luis Obispo, a distance of nearly 250 miles. The diocese is bursting with new life under Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, who was elected in 2007. Bishop Mary possesses abundant strengths including pastoral skills that bind us all together, administrative skills that move us forward and a deep faith that lifts us all closer to God. Recently El Camino Real has entered into relationships with companion dioceses in Gloucester, England and Western Tanganyika in Tanzania, Africa.

El Camino Real is a diverse diocese with churches reflecting the rich cultural variety of California. The diocese is headquartered in Seaside near Monterey. The diocesan cathedral is Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in downtown San Jose.

For more information visit the diocese’s website: