Our Strategic Plan

Goals and Objectives for 2018-2022

Goal 1: We Will Cultivate Our Relationship with God

1. Provide worship opportunities that both challenge us intellectually and help us make an authentic connection and experience with God

  • Offer opportunities to help us connect our faith with our daily lives
  • Encourage us to grow in faith in God that transforms us
  • Provide a variety of ways and places to worship
  • Use a variety of musical styles

2. Provide opportunities and encouragement for our parishioners to deepen their spiritual relationships with God through a variety of teachings and personal and communal spiritual practices

  • Meditation opportunities, prayer groups and centering prayer
  • Quiet days, labyrinth walks and retreats
  • Bible Studies and discussion groups

3. Provide on-line opportunities, resources and tools for our parishioners to grow in knowledge about our faith, the Episcopal teachings, and to connect with those who learn through social media

  • Websites for research and inspiration
  • Online discussion groups and classes
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Platforms that allow private group discussions and feedback

Goal 2: We Will Cultivate Our Relationships with Each Other

1. Provide social activities focused on deepening relationships within our congregation

  • Offer dinner groups and other opportunities to break bread together
  • Continue and increase regular men’s, women’s, and co-ed groups that include an activity
  • Use social media to engage with each other

2. Provide a variety of opportunities for spiritual exploration in small and large groups

  • Encourage openness, vulnerability, and trust through regular and structured times for sharing in a safe environment
  • Organize “Living Room Conversations” to discuss difficult topics
  • Develop mentors and prayer partners
  • Create small groups focused on prayer, Bible study, and spiritual friendship
  • Offer social media exchanges with each other, such as blogs, and discussion groups on spiritual topics

3. Ensure that the physical, social and spiritual needs of our vulnerable parishioners are taken care of with love and compassion

  • Provide needed support for parishioners going through difficult life transitions
  • Coordinate visitations, communion and prayers for parishioners who become sick or home-bound
  • Provide social opportunities and learning opportunities geared to our older parishioners
  • Continue providing rides, meals and other services for those who need them

Goal 3: Cultivate Relationship with Our Neighbors and Community

1. Help parishioners increase their courage and capacity to have challenging and honest conversations.

2. Reach out to serve and deepen relationships with our neighbors, including CCAV, to discover shared common ground so that we may work together to achieve common goals

  • Let’s ROC, Reaching Out in the Community
  • Kids Camp
  • Connection Team, Industrial Area Foundation (IAF), Bay Area Organizing Committee
  • Clergy Association

3. Continue to serve the marginalized and provide opportunities for neighbors to serve with us

  • Montgomery Meals
  • Village House Warming Center and Night Center
  • Knit Wits
  • Interfaith Blood Drive

4. Discern and pursue opportunities for emerging ministries and for sustainability

  • New ways to build relationships with our multi-cultural neighborhood
  • Off-site opportunities to study and deepen spiritual life
  • Alternative services geared to appeal to young adults and millennials
  • Senior Care ministries

5. Use social media as a means to connect with our community and create a virtual community

  • Using online tools and technology experts, we will better communicate with our congregation, contact a wider audience, and create community which is not geographically tethered.
  • Engage content strategist to design an overall strategy that integrates all on-line platforms
  • Improve and maintain a well-designed website, using content and technical specialists
  • Integrate as desirable: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, web casts, live chat, on-line prayer communities, etc.