Marianne Schmidt, Senior Warden

Term Ends 2020

Marianne and her husband, Mike, have been members of ECA for five years and appreciate the warmth of the fellowship and the opportunities for spiritual growth. They raised their four children in Humboldt County and settled in San Jose after spending three years working in education in Cairo, Egypt. Marianne recently retired as an elementary principal after thirty-five years in education. She and her husband like to hike, travel, and discuss grand concepts with friends.

Don Hall, Junior Warden

Term Ends 2020

Don Hall, and his wife Sharon, have been attending ECA since 2003. Sharon also attended ECA as a child with her parents Fran and Sandy Sandrock, and was actively involved with the church youth group. Their 3 children, Ryan – 27, Brennan – 24, and Meghan -18, have all served as ECA acolytes and been involved with youth programs. Don and Sharon both support the Montgomery Meals outreach program, with Sharon leading program coordination, and Don assisting as a server. Don has worked for PG&E in a leadership role for the past 35 years. He enjoys cooking for the family, enjoying a glass of wine, and rooting for the Warriors, Giants, and 49ers.

Term Ends in 2019

Todd Lukanc

Finance Liaison

Todd and Ellen found ECA as a result of a search to baptize the first of two sons 30 years ago. Their entire family has enjoyed the ECA church family ever since. They have jumped in to help in many ways, and at times get help when they have needed it. They love the fellowship and caring environment of ECA. Todd and Ellen have both enjoyed several supporting roles on Vestry, the Joint Venture board, Pastor Search Committees, building maintenance, and many more. This is Todd’s 3rd opportunity to support ECA on Vestry as the Finance liaison, he has done a wonderful job with others to cleanly transfer to a new financial system. He creates easy to understand reports for the Vestry that covers multiple monthly financial topics. He is a wonderful asset!

Rachael Parakh

Youth & Family Ministries

Rachael Parakh

Rachael is a new member of ECA with her husband, Phiroze, and their two children, Darius and Lucia. Raised on the east coast in the Episcopal faith (her own father a priest), ECA brought memories of childhood to mind. Genuine fellowship, spiritual growth (quiet days, centering prayer) and opportunities to serve the wider community made the decision to join ECA very clear.

With a dual degree in Graphic Design/Photography, as well as, a passion for nature, Rachael, sees God in all people and living things. In prior congregations, she served on Altar Guild, designed a fundraising cookbook, established ‘Boo Sunday’, taught Sunday School and created a curriculum for Holy Communion. Striving to be fully present in her undertakings at ECA, she feels called to serve our Warming Shelter, Kid’s Summer Camp and monthly ‘Let’s ROC’ program. In her role on Vestry, Rachael is focusing on Children and Youth Ministries, creating the curriculum for this summer’s camp – aptly focused on nature. Rachael and her family enjoy traveling to National Parks and abroad to visit extended family, planning adventure days with their two dogs and having lively discussions around the dinner table.

Joyce Wing


Joyce has attended ECA for 28 years with her husband Steve and two children Taylor and Evelyn. She retired almost 2 years ago and now helps cook meals at ECA twice a month to feed approximately 350 needy people. She helps at the ECA kid camps using creative science experiments and fun projects. She is the treasurer for the South Sudan Youth Opportunity program that supports the educational needs of 19 children now located in Kenya.

As part of the vestry she is focusing on Communication which consists of writing articles for multiple newsletters, planning and redesigning the current website, and coordinating social media efforts. Her son recently volunteered as the Webmaster. She and her family were attracted to ECA by the friendliness, the multiple generations, and the wonderful welcoming, family feeling. Joyce and her husband enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, reading, attending the theater, and getting together with family and friends.

Term Ends in 2020

Inge Bond


Inge and her husband Bryan were married at ECA in 1989 and have raised three sons there. All members of the family have been active in parish roles at different times; Inge’s focus has been primarily on youth. She is currently serving her second stint on vestry and will be assisting the ECA communication and fellowship efforts. In her professional life, Inge is director of institutional research and planning at a community college. Personal pleasures include reading, cooking, and being on the water.

Bonnie McPherson

Hospitality & Fellowship, Stewardship

Bonnie McPherson and her family have been at ECA for about 10 years. She is the vestry liaison for the ECA connection team and part of the fellowship triad. This is her second stint on vestry. Her husband is Jim and their two children are Caitlin and Tyler, as well as her fur babies-Mastiffs Finn and Jake and a cat Odie who rules the roost. She is a full time Paramedic for Santa Clara County, and has been doing this for 31 years. She is planning on retiring in the next 2 years to try something new. She has a passion for social justice and healthcare for all. To fulfill her passion, she joined the ECA connection team, works with the ECA Montgomery meals team to feed over 350 needy people and became the ECA program coordinator for Village House which coordinates rotating shelters for medically fragile homeless women at various churches, including ECA. She strongly believes in personal connections and the need to be part of a social network, so she was a natural for working with her fellow vestry members on fellowship. P.S. She is a wonderful cook!

Term Ends in 2021

Wendy Martin

Adult Education, Hospitality & Fellowship

Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin is a native of Cupertino, CA where she was a member of St. Jude’s Episcopal Church from the time she was baptized as an infant by Fr. Clancey and continuing through her childhood and teen years when Fr. John Buenz was Rector. Wendy transitioned to ECA in about 2008 with her two children, Nicholas and Ashley. This is her second term on vestry, helps serve with Montgomery Meals, has helped with children and youth over the years, and with many ECA events over the years. During the day, she continues to make the long haul to Palo Alto where she works in a law firm. For fun, she enjoys watching movies, reading, going for walks, and plans to pick up where she left off (pre-kids) with her family tree search.

Kathy Mastre

Hospitality & Fellowship, Outreach & Connection Team Liaison

Kathy Mastre

Kathy Mastre is a newbie to the Vestry. She was introduced to ECA about 30 years ago. She has 2 grown children both in artistic fields. Kathy currently works in Inside Sales for a small firm in Willow Glen. She plans to retire to Michigan in 2019 to be close to her siblings. Kathy has been active in Altar Guild, Folk Choir, Knit Wits, Coffee Hosting, Joint Venture, Connections Team, and Village House. She was attracted to ECA by the love and caring she has experienced in good and not so good times and is delighted to have the opportunity to give back!