Children’s Programming at ECA for School Breaks

The Episcopal Church in Almaden is continually looking for ways to be of service to their neighborhood and their community. Fall Festival began as a pilot program in 2014 to provide a safe, enriching and creative program for children kindergarten through 5th grade during their school break. The program’s design was to run the usual school hours 9 AM to 3 PM for 5 days providing enrichment experiences for the children. The program was extremely well received. Enrollment filled to capacity with a waiting list.

Each day featured a guest artist, a French chef, a ceramic teacher, an accomplished musician on bells and Celtic harp, a water colorist, and a knitter and home arts hobbyist.

Nature Weavings Joon and Ethan

“This camp was so much more than daycare. It was full of lots of fun and handcraft activities. Weaving and cooking were my son’s favorite activities.” – SL

Puppet Show

“What a fantastic fall week. My children had a wonderful time. My husband and I were amazed at all the cool and fun projects they did. It was a great experience for them and we really appreciated.” – AMV

Alain And Sous Chefs

“I thought this was your best camp yet! My kids loved the cooking, the music, and the art. You selected things they don’t often do in school, which made the week extra fun for them. Thank you.” – BG


“Arts and crafts and the cooking of snacks were a highlight for my children.” – AJ

Everyone Interested

“Our son had a GREAT time. He loved everything about it. He cannot wait to do this again. Don’t forget to let us know when, please.” – HB

Jeanne and Clay Day

“I was amazed at all the projects completed and all the activities they did. Our son is asking for more clay for projects and our daughter for more yarn for her birthday to continue weaving. And I couldn’t believe they ate all the marinara sauce on Monday (they typically don’t like seeing vegetables in their food). Every day my children were excited to attend and eager to learn more. Thank you for the positive examples you provided our kids this week.” – AG

More Garlic Bread

“My son had a great time at camp! Now he wants to be the ‘garlic bread chef’ for all our meals.” – AS