Children & Youth

_MG_3861At ECA we are all part of God’s family. That means we all help to raise one another in faith and love. Kids at ECA learn the basics of faith through worship experiences and special children & youth programming throughout the year, form lasting friendships and grow up surrounded by a loving, nurturing community. Through a variety of programming there are many opportunities for adults to teach and mentor. We learn and grow together. Come join us!

Our Nursery

  • Provided for children birth to 4 years during worship services
  • Staff and babysitters screened and educated in Safe Church procedures
  • Clean, safe and welcoming environment
  • Bible stories and activities are available for preschool age children
  • Parents are more than welcome to bring their children into our worship service if that is their preference.
  • Children are welcome to be part of our church family at any service.

Children and Youth Programming

Children and Youth Belong in Worship

Here is the best place to truly learn about the worship experience and grow spiritually along with their parents. We provide “Lectionary Papers” for children age 7 through 12 years that reinforce in children’s vernacular the scripture lessons for the day. All children through age 9 are welcome to our Worship Boxes which also help keep children engaged in our worship experience.

Older children and youth are also welcome to train to be acolytes for our worship service. Being an acolyte can bring deeper meaning and understanding to the child or youth’s worship experience.

We also provide an “On Call” Sunday School program periodically which expands the Lectionary Paper with a variety of activities. Check on any given Sunday you are with us to see if there is an “On Call” opportunity that week.

Our Middle School and High School Program Is Now Under Construction

New opportunities and directions are being developed. Middle School and High School youth are encouraged to participate fully in our worship experiences on Sunday mornings and at our monthly Saturday Worship program.

Many programs are offered during the year for youth to be involved in service and outreach programs for families in need. Youth are also invited to assist younger children at special services and events of our congregation They are also invited to be counselors or training counselors for younger children at our kids camps.

Kids Camp

Kids camps are offered four times during the year to coincide with the San Jose Unified School District breaks. Camps are Christian based enrichment programs for children kindergarten through 5th grade. Fall, winter and spring programs are 9 AM to 3 PM. Our summer camp (VBS) is a morning program with extended care offered until 6 PM. Middle School youth can volunteer as training counselors. High School youth can volunteer as counselors and receive credit for community service hours.

Camp Dates for 2017

  • February 21 – 24: “Traveling the Globe in Our Neighborhood” will be a cultural experience learning about the cultures in our neighborhood
  • April 10 – 14: “Enriching Our Lives Through the Arts” will give children opportunities to explore various forms of art, music, theater, and culinary arts
  • June 12 – 16: “A Kaleidoscope of Colors” will be our VBS program
  • October 2 – 6: “Creation, Critters and St. Francis” is our fall program leading to a special blessing of the animals on October 7th

For information on any of our children and youth programs contact our Director of Children and Youth Ministries, Susie Ferguson:

Youth News

  • Celebration of Creation: Fall Camp For Kids 2015 October 1 & 2
    Our 2015 Fall Camp For Kids will be held Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Special guests each day include a veterinarian, “therapy dogs,” a high school student involved with FFA, and the Santa Clara Audubon Society team, plus worship, art, music, cooking, and more. We will follow ...
  • Sunday Evening Volleyball 2015
    Join us for volleyball and a BBQ meal every Sunday evening between July 12 through August 16, 2015 inclusive, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. All youth from ages 13-18 are invited. We will organize refereed games and open play for all abilities. Games will be played on church property. Please be careful when driving and parking ...
  • 2015 Celebrations Around The World Enrichment Program
    “Celebrations around the World” was our program for Winter Break, 2015. This program featured Mardi Gras & Chinese New Year along with studying the African culture of our adopted student in Nairobi, Sarah Yar Jacobs. Each day included special art and cooking projects to suit the theme of the day. We finished our week with ...
  • 2014 Fall Festival Enrichment Program
    Fall Festival began as a pilot program in 2014 to provide a safe, enriching and creative program for children kindergarten through 5th grade during their school break. The program’s design was to run the usual school hours 9 AM to 3 PM for 5 days providing enrichment experiences for the children. The program was extremely ...
  • Save The Dates: VBS Let’s Rock Summer Camp June 15-19, 2015
    Registration form with medical release: PDF FormatWord FormatWe are taking registrations for VBS ’Let’s Rock!” Camp for 2015. The dates are June 15-19 from 9:00 AM to 12:15 PM every day. The program is for children from five years old through completing fifth grade (going into sixth for 2015-2016). Extended day care is also available until either ...
  • Celebrations Around The World 2015
    Celebrations Around the World is a cultural week for children Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade. Offered February 17 – 20, The program includes cooking, art and drama every day and lots more from 9 AM to 3 PM. Early signup is encouraged as enrollment is limited to 15 children per day. Cost is $25/day. Extended ...
  • Children’s Programming at ECA for School Breaks
    The Episcopal Church in Almaden is continually looking for ways to be of service to their neighborhood and their community. Fall Festival began as a pilot program in 2014 to provide a safe, enriching and creative program for children kindergarten through 5th grade during their school break. The program’s design was to run the usual ...
  • Sparks Fly 2014 Recap
    “Sparks Fly” in June 2014 was another opportunity to extend Bible stories around every day science. This year we explored 5 stories around fire in the Bible with Fire Prevention and safety for children. Once again through drama, art, music, study, science and fun we provided an exciting week of activities for children kindergarten through ...
  • Kids Fall Festival Lineup Announced
    We’ve announced our activity line-up for the upcoming Kids Fall Festival from September 29 through October 3. Briefly, we will have Cooking with a French Chef; Bells, Chimes, and a Celtic Harp; Ceramics and Clay; Recycled Art, Fabric and Nature Crafts; and Painter in Residence. Five days of fun for $15/child/day. For more details and to ...
  • Save The Dates: VBS Summer Spirit Camp June 16-20, 2014
    Registration forms and medical releases:PDF Format Word Format We are taking registrations for VBS Summer Spirit Camp for June 2014. The dates are June 16-20, and VBS is from 8:45 AM to 12:30 PM. The program is for children from four years old through completing fifth grade (going into sixth for 2014-2015). Extended day care is also available ...

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