Lenten Meditation 16, March 16

Thursday, March 16

Psalm 95
Exodus 16:1-8
Colossians 1:15-23

by Marion Grunge

The Israelites were into the second month of their exodus from Egypt when they start yelling at Moses and Aaron about the lack of food. They said they were better off in Egypt where they could have all the good food they wanted, even if they were slaves and would be beaten when they didn’t follow all the rules. At least they could count on the security of a home, food, and clothing. Here they couldn’t count on anything.
They were out in the desert and couldn’t even find their daily needs – like sweet water, dependable food – maybe being a slave wasn’t so bad after all. Now they had to net their own quail, 6 nights a week, and get up early to collect their own manna, 6 mornings a week, just to eat. They had to blamed someone, Moses and Aaron were nearby so why couldn’t it be them.

We are good at finding someone else to blame for our problems and not admitting our own shortcomings. God provided manna for the Israelites until they reached Canaan and the Egyptians have been netting quail for over 3,500 years. So the Israelites knew how to net quail and, even today, in some areas of the desert manna can still be found.

God will provide all our needs, until something else comes along.