Lenten Meditation 27, March 27

Monday, March 27

Psalm 146
Isaiah 59:9-19
Acts 9:1-20

by George Romer

My thoughts on reading and re-reading these passages are:

Each set of scripture, unto itself, is a story of different times, but taken together testifies to the theme of hope and salvation to those who will open or have their “eyes” opened by the timeless message. Empires come and go, government regimes rise and fall, wax and wane, but the need and utility of silent meditation is there for the doing. Epiphanies happen and hearts change. Do what you can to effect improvement but, know what you cannot influence. There is an oft recited quote, “This, too, shall pass.” These passages are long and difficult to read but fruit is there if one reads then through a few times, slowly without interference. Then, read them again. Think of these verses in relation to the temporal events which consume our consciousness. Go ahead and see what comes out for you.