Lenten Meditation 29, March 29

Wednesday, March 29

Psalm 146
Isaiah 60:17-22
Matthew 9:27-34

by Martha Reynolds

Matthew 9

Dear God,

We pray to hear Your words and those of our Lord Jesus Christ with attentive hearts. That we never conflict, condemn or deny the sacred teachings the Bible presents. May we never not acknowledge You, Dear God. You are the center of our life. Our creator, our Divine God. We pray to become what You created us to be. We pray our life be a passion to serve You, focused on Your heavenly ways not our earthly desires. Each day we pray You guide us that your faith and our trust in You become stronger and stronger in all that You have told us through YOUR WORD, THE BIBLE. We thank You and we glorify You. For Your great love and blessings of Christ our Lord we praise You and give You our unending devotion.

Dear God, may we not become discouraged, only preserve, step by step Your will for our life. Our omnipotent God, may our hearts and souls be filled with the beauty and the glory of Your presence. We pray that we help each other worship You. May Your love and Your mercy become known over the whole world. For Your gift of your only son, Jesus our Lord and Savior we thank You and we praise You. To Jesus we declare our undying love and thankfulness. Nothing can compare with His gift of eternal life. For accepting our sins, that our sins are forgiven. With grateful hearts, with bowed head and on bended knew we ask You to hear our prayer. We love You, to You be all the glory.