Lenten Meditation 3, March 3

Friday, March 3

Psalm 51
Jonah 4:1-11
Romans 1:8-17

by Holly McCullough, Building Bridges Coordinator

“Tune me into a foot-tapping song, set these once broken bones free.” From Psalm 51, The Message

By the time five-thirty rolls around at my house we are often out of step. I’m no longer fully present. If things are going well I’m holding my one year old daughter who is getting close to her “fussy” time of day, trying to remember my exact plan for dinner and pushing a train along a track, entertaining my three-year-old who has grown tired of entertaining himself.

If things are not going well, instead of thinking about dinner, I’m grumbling in my head about whatever I’ve let get under my skin. Sometimes, I’m a bit like Jonah and I really don’t want to get on the boat, I would rather wallow, feeling bitter about the costs of my gifts or complaining about how God isn’t really moving the way I want God to move. I can be pretty good at being grumpy.

But at five-thirty God is on the move. Five-thirty is time to put on some music and invite my family to dance. With the music on, we all say yes to the invitation. We all put down our grumpiness and are ready to listen. I hold two chubby hands and I get to watch the gift of God grow around me. I get to do what Paul longed to do, deliver a message of grace and watch it grow.