Lenten Meditation 36, April 5

Wednesday, April 5

Psalm 143
Jeremiah 32 :1-9, 36-41
Matthew 22:23-33

by Mary McPherson

“I am the God of Abraham…” Matthew 22:32

In today’s gospel, the Sadducees ask Jesus a convoluted question about whose wife a woman will be after she marries 7 brothers. The Sadducees have an ongoing argument with the Pharisees that there is no resurrection. For me, there are two things that catch my attention in this passage. First, Jesus explains that indeed there is a resurrection. However, when we are resurrected we will not be married. I’m not happy about that, but it’s not my call, so I just have to accept it. I hope John and I will still be friends!

I know there are many things about heaven we just have to wait to find out about. But I also find it interesting how Jesus uses the tense of the verb – “is” not “was” – to explain how God is the God of the living, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. My mind immediately goes to the transfiguration scene when Jesus meets with Elijah and Moses up on the mountain. Elijah and Moses never met on earth. They are from two entirely different time periods. Yet they are alive and they know each other. Plus they seem to know Jesus and what is happening on earth. Are our loved ones watching what goes on with us as well? Who will we get to meet when we get to heaven? Now that is something to ponder and look forward to!