Lenten Meditation 4, March 4

Saturday, March 4

Psalm 51
Isaiah 58:1-12
Matthew 18:1-7

by Marion Grunge

My Star word for this year was “Love”. I figured I could find at least one love word in the readings for today. After going through 3-4 different translations of the Bible I finally settled on the New Century Version, 1991.

Psalm 51:1 “God, be merciful to me because you are loving.”

To keep with the love theme I skipped over Isaiah and went right to Matthew – disregarding the disciples bickering about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom – where Jesus was talking about the children.

It is how we serve God, not in what position we are in that counts. Small children trust adults, believing in what they are told. All they know is there will be water, food, and a place to sleep every time they need them.

Adults are the ones that distrust and deceive others, not trusting God enough to believe he will provide what they need.

I learned the hard way to not ask for everything I want. One time I did ask for a want and not a need, I received what I wanted and more. It was those things I did not want that came with what I wanted that caused the problem. I have since left the final decision up to God. I now ask for appropriate things, like an appropriate parking place, not just a handicapped one. Very seldom does God not come through with the very best parking place, it may not be handicapped but it is appropriate.

I always try to be generous with my “Thank You’s”, I may not know who I am thanking – The Big Daddy or one of his helpers. I have only fallen three times, nothing serious. “Thank you, God.”

Always be generous with your “Thank you’s”.