Quiet Day, March 4

Quiet Day Schedule

Here’s what the schedule will look like for the Quiet Day on Saturday, March 4. You may come for the full day or any part of the day. It is an opportunity to nurture your spiritual life by taking time to listen to God’s spirit. The theme for this day comes from Isaiah 30: “In repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust shall be your strength.”

9am – Morning Prayer in Sanctuary
9:30 – Continental breakfast, explanation and Lectio Devina in Fellowship Hall
10:15 – Open period
11 – Free choice, or centering prayer, led by Marianne Schmidt in Sanctuary
12pm – Lunch will be provided: silent lunch in Fellowship Hall; speaking lunch on patio
12:45 – Open period
1:30 – Free choicer, or spiritual reading by Shelley
2:15 – 15-minute wrap-up in Fellowship Hall

Free choice options include guided journaling, craft table, meditative music, labyrinth, prayer, and spiritual books. You may bring your watercolors to use at the craft table.

Quiet Day Meditation

by Marianne Schmidt

I enjoy making bread using a sour-dough starter. Every morning I mix water, flour and a tablespoon of the starter that was fed the day before. The flour is the fuel for the chemical reaction that occurs on my kitchen counter. When I am ready to bake bread, I take a cup of the starter to leaven the dough. If the starter has been fed regularly, it provides a wonderful flavor and life to the loaf of bread.

The days I get too busy or forget to feed the starter it turns into a sour smelling goo, which would not give life to my loaf of bread. The bread I have made with weak starter is sour, dense and not much fun to eat.

My spiritual life is like the starter which provides life to me when I spend some time in prayer, meditation or Bible study each day. I am cultivating the habit of being quiet each day to listen to the Holy Spirit in the language of silence.

I look forward to the Quiet Day on March 4, where I will set aside six hours, 9-3pm, to be with my brothers and sisters as we search for ways to listen to God and to feed our spirits. There is nothing magical or weird about being quiet with our friends for a few hours. It has been the practice of Christians all through the centuries.

We are known for being the “party church” because we like to eat and laugh together often. That is what drew Mike and me to ECA, and we love to be with our friends. It is important for us to see each other in prayer, mediation, journaling and being quiet. That is why a Quiet Day for our community is important. I believe our bonds will be strengthened with each other and with the Holy Spirt. I encourage you to make plans now to give yourself and our community a quiet day on March 4.