Sparks Fly 2014 Recap

“Sparks Fly” in June 2014 was another opportunity to extend Bible stories around every day science. This year we explored 5 stories around fire in the Bible with Fire Prevention and safety for children. Once again through drama, art, music, study, science and fun we provided an exciting week of activities for children kindergarten through completing 5th grade.

What fun to explore the fire stories of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, the burning bush, Pentecost, and breakfast with Jesus at the beach.

One highlight of our week was a visit from our local fire station. This followed a week of learning fire safety around a campfire, cooking in the kitchen at home, and how to act in case of a fire emergency.

All Our Chefs!

“Cooking is always a big hit with my children.” – RA

Personal Attention At Its Best!

“Great balance of learning and activities. I love the extra attention given by the counselors. My kids liked everything!” – AJ

Water Play Every Year!

“So good…make it longer. My twins would like this for 2 weeks…and for a full day!” – KD

Firemen and VBS Campers

“The kids really enjoyed the program. Thank you for a great week. The science portion in particular was a big hit!” – JM