Stewardship Thoughts

By George Romer


The meaning of Christian stewardship has focused many times on tithing, but this is not the priority definition when discussing the subject. The priorities involved are how time is spent, how relationships are retained, and then how money is spent. There are a lot of things that have to do with this responsibility that many people have never been aware of. Most agree that a good idea is to spend time studying ways to become a responsible Christian. The meaning involves how the precious gifts that God has given to all are used and cared for. The good steward is someone who is doing the best he can with the things that God has given them.

The reality shows up in how a person reacts in situations and how much they are willing to sacrifice to exercise their responsibility. These perspectives all have a common thread – unselfish behavior for the common good of our relatives, friends, neighbors, nation, and the world.  We have a common relational community which is strengthening as we go through this cycle of good stewardship, over and over.  We encourage one another and celebrate our successes.  We praise God for the opportunities He gives us to serve others as good stewards of the skills and talents He has bestowed on us.

On a humorous note, someone quipped that, “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”  You’ve got to get involved on the mission!  It is a journey.  Cars don’t go anywhere in the garage!