Travel the Globe in Our Neighborhood 2018

This year’s Travel the Globe kids camp is full!

This camp is offered to Kindergarten through 5th Grade and will highlight countries and cultures of families in our neighborhood! We will gain an appreciation of their cultures through stories, art, cooking, music and language. This camp will run 4 days, February 20 thru 23, from 9 AM to 3 PM, but campers can register to attend any number of days. Enrollment is limited so early registration is suggested!

Registration is only secured by completed registration form and appropriate fees for the camp. Registration can be mailed to the church or delivered during regular office hours Tuesday thru Friday 10 AM to 2 PM. For questions and more information please contact Susie Ferguson via email:

Travel the Globe 2018 Registration Form

Here’s our itinerary for the week:

Tuesday, February 20 – Fly with Us to France

  • Visit a culinary school and learn to make tasty baguettes and Quiche Lorraine
  • Be an artist – set up your easel and paint with Matisse, Monet, Picasso and other artists on the Left Bank
  • Visit a language school to learn a little French
  • And more!

Wednesday, February 21 – Fly On to China for Chinese New Year

  • Learn the techniques and make your own homemade Chinese dumplings
  • Learn about the Chinese Zodiac and celebrate The Year of the Dog
  • Take a break for Tai Chi
  • Be creative with red (lanterns, dragons and more!)

Thursday, February 22 – Continue Around the Globe and Fly On to El Salvador

  • Pupusas and cortido will be our culinary challenges
  • Create art in the style of Fernando Llort
  • Practice our Spanish
  • Enjoy a travelogue of El Salvador

Friday, February 23 – Fly On to The Netherlands

  • Learn to cook poffertjes, a favorite of the Dutch
  • Learn to play sjoelen and other Dutch games
  • Learn how a country can survive “below sea level”
  • Make your own windmills with Lego bricks and more!