Families are especially welcome at ECA. Children’s questions and wiggles are welcomed at all worship and family events!

On Sunday mornings, our first service is quieter and without music. Our second service includes music and singing from the choir. Children are welcome at both services. Worship Boxes, labelled clearly for different ages, are available for children during worship. The boxes contain age appropriate stories and activities that help keep children engaged during worship. Lectionary activity papers are also available for children 7 to 12 years of age that coincide with the scripture readings for any given Sunday. Children of all ages are welcome to receive communion.

Children and Youth Programming is developing in new and exciting ways through week-long camp programs four times a year, monthly Saturday evening programs and special seasonal worship experiences.

For more information visit our Children & Youth page.


A professionally staffed nursery is provided during the second service for children up to four years old. The nursery is available throughout the service but children are also welcome at communion and all other parts of worship. The nursery is down a short flight of stairs from the sanctuary. Parents can easily step out of the service to check on children or bring them upstairs for communion.

Children and Youth Programming

At ECA we believe church should be a place where children and youth are strengthened in faith while forming lasting friendships and learning from people of all ages and backgrounds. With this in mind our programming is reaching out from our church community into our neighborhood and moving in some very exciting directions. We are now offering week-long opportunities during school breaks, Saturday evening programs for families once a month, seasonal Sunday worship experiences specifically with children and youth engaged. All of our programming is designed to offer a variety of ways to help children, youth, and families encounter God and grow spiritually.

For more information on Children and Youth Programming email: christianed@jointventurechurches.org