Youth Mission Trip blog #4

So we blinked, and it is our last night here. We are all sad and yet ready to come home.

We spent yesterday morning in the Mission District of SF, charged with striking up conversations with locals and finding a way we could meet the need(s) of one or more of them. We walked the whole district and eventually met woman with developmental disabilities whose rent had just been raised from $300 to $450/month. The kids took her grocery shopping,bought her a solar calculator so she could keep track of bills and groceries, and walked her back to her apartment.

We ate lunch at the north vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge, then took a silent prayer walk on the bridge, where we concentrated our prayers on the newest residents of the city, those who had come to the US and to San Francisco seek a better life for themselves and their families.

From there we went to Agesong, a senior residence in Hayes Valley. Our boys joined the men’s group meeting, and the girl’s joined the ladies’, and all enjoyed sharing stories with one another. You will have to ask the kids about some of the stories they heard about the wars, first cars, and feminism. Residents of Agesong generally have dementia or have had a stroke, so the kids learned a bit about patience and about the vulnerability of these seniors. I was afraid the kids might find the senior home less interesting than some of the edgier experiences they’ve had, but they were genuinely moved by the connections they made. The seniors loved having the the youth and their fresh ears, too :).

We spent the whole day at one agency today, working in the classrooms at St. Anthony’s Day Home in the Acorn projects in West Oakland. St. Anthony’s has offered low income child care for over 100 years! The facility is spotless and colorful, it purely feels happy. I would have loved to send my kids to a preschool like that.

Time for worship and tamale night, so I’m going to run. More later?

Much love from all of us!

So that’s it for the “blurbs”-hope you enjoyed them!  We ask you to pray for the cities of Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco and our city of San Jose…there is so much need out there, and we have so much!   Find a way to share with someone who needs it, or volunteer yourself…say the Lord made you do it!   Shalom, Bonnie