Youth Servant Auction Through November 10

Do you need some help getting some yard work done?
Do you need some help with Christmas tasks?
Would you like someone to come wash your car – or your dog?

You need the Youth Servant Auction!

Purpose: Assist the youth in raising funds for youth group activities

What can a servant do for you?

•    Clean gutters
•    Hang Christmas lights
•    Computer help: set up email or Facebook accounts/help with iTunes
•    Party prep/serving
•    Stack firewood
•    Wash cars
•    Yard work (rake leaves, plant bulbs, weed flower beds, etc.)
•    Babysitting
•    Have a need that isn’t listed?  Contact us and we can set it up.

(What students are capable of will vary depending on the individual)

All money received will go directly to youth activities

Adults who win the bid will be responsible for contacting the students and selecting a time for them to come work.  Service period ends April 30, 2014

Minimum bid of $25.  Bid increases in increments of $5

Bidding is open from November 3 – 10, 2013: if you can’t be at church to submit your bid (or want to ask a question), email Inge Bond or Bonnie McPherson.

Thank You for supporting our youth, and for allowing them to help you!